eFax® is loaded with a host of new tools and features!

Now it’s easier than ever to fax on the fly.

To view a fax in your Inbox, simply tap the message to view. To view messages in other folders, tap “Folders,” then the folder name, and then the specific fax you wish to view.

To search for a fax by words, phrases or tags you’ve previously added, simply enter the search text and tap “Search.”

With your iPhone camera, take a photo of the item you would like to fax. Next, tap “Send Faxes” from the eFax® app. While in Photos, tap Gallery, then navigate to the appropriate photo album with the image you wish to fax. Tap the photo to add to Photos list. Repeat to add more pages (each photo is a page) and tap “Send.”

When the Send Fax form opens, simply type a fax number or tap “+” to select from your phone Contacts. Next, tap to toggle the Cover Page off/on. If “on” is chosen, type your cover page text. To transmit your fax tap “Send.”

Simply login to iTunes and download it straight from the App Store.

How to create and use a digitized
signature with eFax Message Center:

  1. Fax yourself a document that contains your signature.
  2. Log in to eFax My Account.
  3. Click View Faxes.
  4. Look in your Inbox, click to select the fax with your signature, and
    click Sign in the Message Center toolbar. The Digitized Signatures
    popup opens and displays your fax.
  5. Drag a square around your signature and click Save Crop.
  6. Enter a name for your signature and click Save.
  7. Click Close to return to Message Center.
  8. Locate and click the fax you’d like to sign, then click Sign.
  9. In the Digitized Signatures popup, drag your digitized signature
    and drop it in the spot in your fax where you’d like the signature to appear.
  10. Resize or reposition the signature, as necessary.
  11. When you’re done, click Save.

eFax® saves your signed fax in the Fax Drafts folder.

How to import contacts into the
eFax® Message Center:

  1. Log in to eFax My Account.
  2. Click View Faxes.
  3. In Message Center, click the Contacts tab.
  4. Click Import in the Message Center toolbar.
  5. Browse for the CSV file and click Import.

How to use Fax Preview:

  1. Log in to eFax My Account.
  2. In the Message Center roll over the “pen icon” for the fax document that you would like to preview.
  3. The Preview popup opens and displays the first page of your fax.

eFax Enhanced Security provides an alternate way to view faxes with secure encryption technology. This optional feature is available with eFax Plus® and eFax Pro™ at no additional cost.

Here’s how it works:

When you receive a fax, eFax sends you a notification email that contains a special URL. Click the URL and you’re taken to eFax My Account login over a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) connection. Log in to My Account and your fax is ready to be viewed. It’s simple, secure, and convenient.

NOTE: The eFax Enhanced Security encryption technology provides maximum security for your faxes; however, you will not be able to receive faxes directly by email. Instead, you’ll receive a notification of new faxes by email, and to view the fax you’ll log in to eFax My Account. By turning on eFax Enhanced Security, you will not be able to search or tag your faxes in Message Center.

To activate Enhanced Security, please call Customer Service at 323.817.3207