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If you came to this page through a link in an email, cut and paste the whole URL from the email into the "Location" box of your browser window. Make sure to get the entire URL without any line breaks, because some email clients will stick line breaks in the middle of the URL.

If there's a line break in the middle of the URL, here's how you can get rid of it: cut and paste the URL from the email into a text editor (use Notepad on a Windows machine, or TextEdit on Mac OS X). Place the cursor at the beginning of the second line and backspace until the whole URL is on one line--probably it will only take one backspace. Then copy and paste the URL into the "Location" box of your browser window, and hit Return.

If you came here from an HTML-formatted email (with pictures), or if the above instructions don't help you, please call our sales department at (800) 958-2983.

Please visit http://www.efax.com.

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